About this Hackathon

  1. Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, under the Digital Maldives for Adaptation, Decentralization, and Diversification Project funded by World Bank, which is focused on enhancing various aspects of digital infrastructure and connectivity in the Maldives, with a particular emphasis on adapting to challenges, promoting decentralization, and diversifying the economy is organizing the first Maldives Ocean Hackathon.

  2. The Maldives Ocean Hackathon spans a continuous 48 hours, during which teams engage in the creation of prototypes while also contemplating their practical application. These teams are tasked with addressing three pivotal ocean-related challenges: bolstering ocean well-being, curbing marine pollution, tackling ocean acidification, and fostering climate resilience for coastal island populations. Teams are expected to ensure that their concepts are constructed with a strong emphasis on improving data-centric strategies and policymaking for climate adaptation and resilience within the Maldives.

Challenges 2023

  1. The Maldives faces a complex array of substantial challenges, all stemming from the overarching threat of climate change. These challenges encompass a wide spectrum of critical issues that are intricately connected to the environment and the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. The intricate web of problems includes distressing phenomena such as coral bleaching, a devastating process that threatens the vibrancy and survival of the coral reefs that serve as vital marine habitats. Ocean acidification, another dire consequence of climate change, disrupts the fragile equilibrium of aquatic ecosystems, imperiling marine life and the interconnected food chains they support.

  2. The challenge of overfishing intensifies ecological strain, risking the depletion of vital species and disrupting marine biodiversity. Simultaneously, plastic pollution infiltrates marine habitats, endangering marine life and the oceans' overall health. Alongside these issues, rising sea levels imperil coastal communities and ecosystems, particularly the Maldives' low-lying islands. Exacerbated by climate change, coastal erosion threatens infrastructure and livelihoods, magnifying vulnerability.

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